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We are a Jewish congregation in Brooklyn, where doubt can be an act of faith and all hands are needed to build our community.


Saturday 3/28: Shabbat Services

9 AM: Torah study on the weekly portion. In the balcony at Kolot.
9:30 AM: Kolot chanting group at PSJC. Email Lisa Zbar for info.
10 AM: Breakfast
10:30 AM: Shabbat services led by Cantor Lisa B. Segal and Lisa Grant, with participation by Kitah Hay students. D'var Torah by Josh Rubin, Torah chanting by Jocelyn Cohen, and Haftarah by Franny Silverman.

Passover is coming! Click here for Passover info from Kolot.


Click here to read Rabbi Lippmann's reaction to the March 3, 2015 speech given by Mr. Netanyahu




Rabbi Lippmann leads children of all ages in an experiential L'cha Dodi exercise as part of Kol HaKolot, looking for the Shabbat Queen all around them.



Rabbi Lippmann and Kitah Gimmel learning about the Torah 


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