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We are a Jewish congregation in Brooklyn, where doubt can be an act of faith and all hands are needed to build our community.


Registration for CLP 5775 is now open.

Remember! Rabbi Lippmann is gone for the month of July and services are held in the (somewhat cooler) social hall downstairs. In need of pastoral care? Email student rabbi Heath Mackenzie Reynolds at Heath@kolotchayeinu.org.

Saturday, 7/26

9am Torah Study led by Sandra Abramson

9:30am at the Tallis Tree: Lisa Zbar will lead a chanting group, as a way to release and touch joy, grief, hope, fear, longing and whatever else may be in our deepest selves. Please join us and feel free to bring drums or whatever helps to move you. Let's share the voices of our lives. (The Tallis Tree is near the ball fields at the south end of the Park. Enter from 11th St. & PPW, cross the inner road and walk straight in. The tree is in front of fencing where they're restoring a ball field, to the left of the horse corral.)

10:00am Breakfast 

10:30am Services led by Heath Mackenzie Reynolds with Jocelyn, Trisha Arlin (and we hope more) leyning, Sandy Abramson doing d’var Torah

What's Next for Kolot Chayeinu? Learn more about What's Next or join the group conversation

Kolotniks develop new play about Judaism & spirituality: 


In this semi-autobiographical duet, a Brooklyn Jew named Teller sets out to reconnect with her spiritual heritage through the ritual of theater, a Voodoo priestess, and a high school friend.

Written and performed by Rahti Gorfien
With Tia James
Dramaturge and Directorial Consultant: Jessica Bauman
Shubert Theater: 721 Broadway near Waverly Place, 5th Fl.

Registration is now open for Children's Learning Program 2014-2015 / 5775


Smile! Some of the over 50 Kolotniks who were at the June 8th Congregational Meeting! We had a great afternoon of discussion about Kolot's growing reputation far beyond Brooklyn, our finances, Leadership Team, Gemilut Hasadim, Social Justice efforts, the Race Task Force, What's Next and more. Read more.

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