The Shamas: A Warm Welcome

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The presence of a shamas at each Shabbat service is a valued Kolot tradition. The shamas serves as host, offering a warm welcome to all who come through our doors: visitors, new members, Shabbat regulars and those who attend less frequently. In taking on this role, we follow in the footsteps of Abraham, who hastened to welcome the  strangers that appeared at his tent and Rebecca, who gave water to human and animal guests.

Currently, the shamas group comprises approximately 30 members who have volunteered to take on this task. They receive periodic e-mails from the shamas coordinator with a list of dates for which shamases are needed. Prior to their date, the volunteers receive an e-mail with Shamas Instructions. Two shamases are assigned to each Shabbat in order to respond more personally to questions and concerns. 

Volunteering to be a shamas offers Kolotniks an opportunity to serve the community in an enjoyable fashion. It providers a way for new members to meet people and is a blessing not only to the community, but to the shamas as well.







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