Spiritual Life

Kolot Chayeinu is a religious and spiritual community. Prayer, in its in many forms, is central to our life as a community. We pray using language that speaks of God's existence, while recognizing that each of us as individuals understands God differently or not at all. -- Kolot Chayeinu Values Statement


 Unless otherwise noted, all services are led by Rabbi Ellen Lippmann and Cantor Lisa Segal and take place at Kolot (1012 8th Avenue in Park Slope).

 Our Siddur 

 Kolot has chose our new siddur and need your help purchasing more copies of it and other important prayerbooks.

 Blessings and Prayers

 Here we share blessings and prayers written by our clergy and members.


 We celebrate the various Jewish holidays together.

 Our Home Practices

 At Kolot Chayeinu, we embrace and encourage the creation of new, personal rituals, learning and blessings. 

 The Shamas, A Warm Welcome

 Volunteering to be a shamas offers Kolotniks an opportunity to serve the community and to meet people and is a  blessing not only to the community, but to the shamas as well.

 Please note:  For assistance with Life Cycle Events such as weddings, funerals, baby namings and brit milah, please  write to the Rabbi at Rabbi@kolotchayeinu.org

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